"The Sparkling Diamond of Burlesque"             "The Girl with the Golden Gams"
Friends & Links

Merci'   Merci'

Madame & Monsieur's

  So Glad you could meet me here.


I know you have enjoyed your Taste of Burlesque,

the Champagne and Caviar,

 a Glance into My Life.

 So as you travel down this page you will find

 some of the people who have become my extended family.

 I will be including their links at the bottom of the page so

please take some time to visit with them.

Enjoy the slide show below.

 The Best Burlesque Family a Girl could have!

On a personal note .....

I would like to put out an All Points Bulletin

on some of the old friends that I have lost touch with thru the years. 

So be on the look-out for these Unusual Suspects:

Anita Mann, Janella and Lady Sin.

 If anybody out there remembers me I would love to hear from you.

You can find me on facebook @ Gyna Rose Jewel.

Ready for those other links that I promised you? 

 Just follow the gloved hand.


Satans Angel          Cherry Malone

Uncle Eddy Bell     Dirty Martini     The World Famous Bob

NCBurlesque        Kitty Diggins

Tease-O-Rama          Jeff Harris/Studio Hadra

Thank You All for coming.

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