Yes thats all of me. Not much left to tell. Price:$15.00 S & H:$5.00 Autograph: free with purchase, add in the comment section, for a limited time.
This photo was taken in Cocunut Grove, FL in the early '70's. Believe it or not this is what we looked like back then. Price:$15.00 S & H:$5.00 Autograph: free with purchase, limited time offer.
This is one of my favorite pic's, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Price:$15.00 s & h:$5.00 Autograph:for a limited time, free with purchase.
This Picture was taken after I won Ms. Legs of California. Price: $15.00 S & H: $5.00 Autograph: For right now >>> FREE!
What you have been waiting for. this is me later in my carrer, well not much, about 1980. Price:$15.00 S & H:$5.00 Autograph: for you, FREE!
I'll share the warmth with you. Price: $15.00 S & H: $5.00 Autograph on request
Turn me loose, you know you want to. Price: $15.00 S & H: $5.00
This is one of the few pictures that I have of me recently. Price: $10.00 S & H: $5.00
                                    GYNA ROSE JEWEL
      "The Sparkling Diamond of Burlesque"             "The Girl with the Golden Gams"
Le' Boutique

Come on in!


This is the Place to Shop til ya Drop.


 Below is just the beginning of what I hope will be one of the best Photo Gallery's  in Burlesque. 

All the photos that I have for sale are 8x10.   The Rose that appears on them here will not be on any photo that is purchased.  Please note:  I will not accept any obscenities requests in the autograph.

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